FaDSS: Single Family Provider

Single Mom and Caregiver

Theresa takes care of her fourteen year old son and her seventy year old mother all on her own. All was fine till Theresa had to quit her job do to sleep and oxygen deprivation because of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing in you sleep, your body wakes up in alarm.

“The FaDSS program has been instrumental in helping me”

Theresa found help in Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) program. FaDSS helps families obtain self-sufficiency by providing resources, setting goals, and finding family’s strengths to achieve those goals.

“I can honestly say that I am much better than I was a year ago and I hope to be getting back to work soon.”

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FaDSS: Two Income, One Income

Bobbi and Robert are parents of two children. They became involved with the Family Development and Self-Sufficiency (FaDSS) program when Robert lost his job due to a disability.

“We went from a two-person income to a one-person income. It’s a big drop.”

In addition to the drop in income, Bobbi and Robert also struggle with their respective work-life balances.

Bobbi: “It’s rewarding I guess to go to work everyday and know that I’m providing for my family, but it’s challenging because I spend so much time at work and I feel like I’m missing out on my family. What about you?”

Robert: “Just the opposite.”

Families in the FaDSS program work with a Certified Family Development Specialist who assists them in a number of ways including goal setting and acting as a referral for various programs and resources that help meet the families’ needs.

“Personally, we love having Kim come in because, if we don’t know something then she’s really good about making sure that she finds out the answer for us. If she doesn’t know it and she’s been able to help us figure out different programs that are available to us. And then we have a son who is autistic, so she’s even been able to help us figure out different things to go through to get him the help he needs.”

Although they struggle, Bobbi and Robert are ultimately grateful for the support they receive through FaDSS.

“We appreciate the fact that they have programs like FaDSS available because they do have great people working for them.”

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