About ICAA

About ICAA

Our Mission

To advocate for policies and services that benefit those striving for economic security.

Our Vision

Iowa Community Action is the premier force ensuring those with less achieve more.

Shared Values and Beliefs

  • Community Action is committed to serve the best interests of the poor, thereby serving the best interests of everyone.
  • All people can learn and increase their skills and knowledge.
  • People and communities can change.
  • Every person and every community has endless potential.
  • Community Action staff are compassionate and skilled professionals.


The Community Action movement was created in 1964, as result of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964. Since that time, Community Action has become a national network of local agencies that exist to develop local solutions to poverty.

Strengthening Iowa’s Communities

More than 320,000 Iowans are assisted annually by Iowa’s sixteen (16) Community Action Agencies (CAAs) through a wide range of services that are at the forefront of innovative strategies to empower low-income citizens to become self-sufficient and full participants in their communities.

Local Community Action Agencies

Iowa’s CAAs are locally-based private, non-profit organizations that network with a wide-array of local organizations to enhance the opportunities for low-income Iowans (children and families) to meet basic needs and develop their own capacity to do so.

Scope of Services

Iowa’s CAAs possess extremely efficient and effective delivery systems that maximize the federal, state, and local resources in providing services to citizens in all of Iowa’s 99 counties.

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