Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities


High Impact Leadership

The 2022 application packet is now available in a word doc and pdf. Completed applications are due to tkeimig@iowacaa.org no later than January 7th at 5PM. The 2022 High Impact Leadership Cohort will meet January – December.

ICAA is offering an exceptional leadership series in partnership with SparkPoint, Inc., to help any Community Action leader, or aspiring leader, feel confident with organizational development and critical leadership skills. We will offer practical, easy-to-use materials and concepts that can be put to use in any Community Action Agency. An excellent way to strengthen your organization, invest in developing high performing leaders and resilient advocates for Community Action’s mission.

The series will convene monthly throughout the year via Zoom. The four anchor courses include: Communication Leadership; Thought Leadership; Management; and Culture Leadership.

The 2021 cohort is pictured below. Sharon Burke with Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation shared that she loved getting feedback on real-life scenarios – it was “very beneficial, even with 22 years of supervisory experience” and that she “will be sending [her] new program supervisors next year to expand and enhance their leadership skills”. 

Top Row: Sarah Ennis (SparkPoint, Inc.), Mary Ready (ICAA), Heather Hinds (Mid-Sioux Opportunity), Linda Daggett (Mid-Sioux Opportunity), Sharon Burke (NEICAC)

2nd Row: Lisa Milder (NEICAC), Angie Leiran (NEICAC), Taylor Lynch (MATURA), Dawn Badker (Mid-Sioux Opportunity), Julie Lang (MATURA)

3rd Row: Nikki Harter (MICA), Kim Jasper (NEICAC), Jennifer Fleener (Sieda Community Action), Laura Abbe (MICA), Amy Hoffman (NICAO)

4th Row: Kristi Steward (MICA), Abra Dougherty (MICA)

Not pictured: Carla Miller (NICAO)

High Impact Graduates

Emerging Leaders’ Institute for Training and Excellence (ELITE)

The 2022 application packet is available here in pdf and a word doc. Applications are due by 5PM on Friday, February 4th.

ELITE is a great opportunity for Community Action staff looking to grow their understanding of, and leadership in, Community Action. From Community Action’s rich history to the role we play in performance management and advocacy. ELITE covers eight modules of core content with lots of peer-to-peer learning and engagement. There is an 8-9 month commitment and in 2022 participants will meet monthly February – October via on-line Zoom meetings. To learn more about ELITE click here.

2021 ELITE Graduates had the following to share ~
“Participating in ELITE has given me a much greater sense of comfort and confidence in my role as a leader within my organization. The things you learn about Community Action, and yourself, as well as the connections you make with your fellow Community Action peers are really valuable.
I’d recommend the class to anyone who is beginning a career in Community Action.”
– Tyler Henderson, Upper Des Moines Opportunity


“ELITE is a great way to really connect your everyday tasks to the bigger picture of Community Action, through understanding the history, funding sources, strategic planning, advocacy and how we get the opportunity to change lives for the people in our community.
ELITE gave me the opportunity to network with other merging leaders throughout Iowa Community Action Agencies.
I enjoyed the format of ELITE, working on components that make up ICAA and having the opportunity to discuss and reflect with other merging leaders in our network via zoom.”
– Danielle Rodriguez, HACAP


The 2022 application packet is available here in pdf and a word doc. Applications are due by 5PM on Friday, February 4th. Questions? Contact Tiffany Keimig, ICAA’s Director of Training and Technical Assistance.

ELITE Graduates


Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP)

To learn about becoming a CCAP, visit the Community Action Partnership’s websiteAnyone interested in pursuing this certification is encouraged to contact Tiffany Keimig (tkeimig@iowacaa.org) to indicate your interest. ICAA facilitates a Study Group that provides candidates support and mentoring throughout the process.

The Study Group is a highly encouraged (optional) activity that is available with a participation fee to help mentor and facilitate your learning and preparations through the CCAP process. The Study Group typically meets online November through June. Contact tkeimig@iowacaa.org if you’d like more information. 


Iowa ROMA Professionals

Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) is the performance management system adopted by the Community Action network. The time local agencies invest in such essential functions as Community Needs Assessments, Strategic Planning, and other Organizational Standards requirements is optimized through ROMA principles and practices. Nationally Certified ROMA Implementers and Trainers can better assist in reviewing agency practices to support compliance with the Organizational Standards and helping to create a results-orientation to decision-making, capacity building and achieving the goals of the agency. This is the way to maintain high quality Community Action Agencies.

Are you interested in enhancing your skills and knowledge of Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA)? Consider applying to become a Certified ROMA Implementer or Certified ROMA Trainer. To learn more about each click on the respective hyperlinks or click here to visit the Association for Certified ROMA Professionals website.

Iowa ROMA Professionals

NCRI Steps
NCRT Steps

If you have questions or, once enrolled please contact Tiffany Keimig, ICAA Director of Training and Technical Assistance, tkeimig@iowacaa.org or 515.244.0320. ICAA convenes a cohort of Iowa ROMA professionals that connects as needed to discuss updates, best practices and implementation strategies.


ICAA Book Club

ICAA recently selected our second book for the ICAA Book Club. We’re reading The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee, with 25 colleagues from across Iowa. We will connect several times between November and January and hope you join us!


For additional information about any of ICAA’s Leadership Opportunities contact ICAA’s Director of Training and Technical Assistance, Tiffany Keimig, 515.244.0320, tkeimig@iowacaa.org