Embrace Iowa: Bringing Families Together

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Embrace Iowa: Bringing Families Together

Transportation in Rural Iowa

“Anna” is a 71-year-old grandmother living in rural Iowa. She helps care for her two grandsons and helps provide transportation for the whole family. Anna’s daughter cannot drive due to a disability. Both grandsons are on the autism spectrum (once with a more sever case than the other) which requires them to attend a school located in another community.



Anna and her family applied for the Embrace Iowa Program to help them get their vehicle repaired and working. Because of Embrace Iowa, Anna has been able to drive her disabled daughter to work and her grandsons to their school. She is also able to drive them to doctor’s appointments to ensure they get the medical treatment they need. Anna and her family struggle with money, but she still feels blessed to have the people she loves surrounding her everyday and because of Embrace Iowa, Anna’s family is able to stay together.


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