Embrace Iowa: Giving Back to Your Community

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Embrace Iowa: Giving Back to Your Community

Volunteering lead to Embrace Iowa

“Stephanie” is a single mother living on a limited income in rural Iowa. She has volunteered with multiple organizations over the past 10 years, which is how she found out about the Embrace Iowa Program. Stephanie enjoys volunteering because it has formed a family like bond for her. She believes that as a community, we all need to share. People with limited incomes can and do share too. Stephanie relies on her car to get her daughter to school, herself to work, and countless other reasons. Her car broke down during the winter. A few months after her car broke down, her oven also stopped working.


Unforeseen Challenges

Stephanie didn’t have the money to fix the car or the oven, but Embrace Iowa helped her fix them both! She now “pays it forward” and helps the local Community Action Agency whenever she can. The cost of poverty, she says, “is the unforeseen.” For many people who live in poverty, every day changes, and nothing stays the same and she takes life one day at a time. Stephanie wishes society wouldn’t look down on people with a limited income because poverty can happen to just about anyone.



You can donate to Embrace Iowa and learn more about the program here.