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LIHEAP: Single mom, no-income

Being a single mom and raising two teenagers can be tough. In the winter time “Tara” turned to the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help her pay her heating bills.

“LIHEAP really helps. Last year it paid all of last winter and it usually lasts through the summer so I didn’t have any heating costs above the energy assistance which was nice.”

Tara is currently unemployed. She is looking for work but transportation is iffy so it’s hard for her to find work that she can get to. Tara’s family relies on her son’s disability check to survive.

“Hardly anything coming in. We have enough just to pay our bills and the kids don’t get to do a lot like they don’t get to go to the movies.”

Despite living with a low income Tara keeps her head up and doesn’t look down on herself or anybody living in similar situations she is.

“We are people, we are trying to make our lives better. We do what we can and, it’s nothing to be looked down upon!”

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