Resource Library/Archived Webinars

Resource Library/Archived Webinars

Here are some helpful resources.

Meet Community Action National Partners – watch a brief video provided by the executive directors from each of four national organizations:

Recommended Email Distribution Lists – Stay up to date with the latest Community Action news.

Glossary of Community Action Acronyms – Welcome to the world of Community Action words! Like many sectors of our society, Community Action has a lingo and acronyms to go with it. The legal world also has its fair share of acronyms which when coupled with Community Action’s can at times be challenging to navigate. In an effort to increase accessibility and comfort for those involved with Community Action and its many applicable legal requirements, CAPLAW has compiled a list that briefly defines the acronyms that those in Community Action may regularly encounter. The list is not exhaustive and we will periodically update it.

Iowa CAA Board Member Training Manual – Revised 2021

Recorded Webinars

Demystifying Poverty and Creating Community Action Champions                 

This insightful conversation, led by ICAA’s 2020 ELITE cohort members, takes stereotypes about poverty and uses data and stories to counter them, showing the incredible challenges individuals and families are often up against and how we can speak truth, spread hope and educate others to create Community Action champions.

Access the July 16th 2020 Presentation and the recording. Password: 5D@5865!


Financial Leadership in Uncertain Times 

ICAA hosted a training presented by Kay Sohl. Here are links for you to access the Financial Leadership in Uncertain Times PPT and a recording of the training event. The Password for the recording is: 8o#20A3&

Click this hyperlink for the Wallace Foundation budget template Kay references during the presentation and here to check out an online fundraising event (click on the Welcome Home Event graphic and start at minute 14:42).

Safe at Home Program 

ICAA hosted a webinar for Community Action Agency staff to learn about an invaluable resource – the Safe at Home Program, which offers a substitute address for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, stalking or violent crimes. You can access the training materials and recording here.

The Cost of Living in Iowa 2019

Presenters: Peter Fisher and Natalie Veldhouse with Iowa Policy Project) – here is a link to the recorded webinar.

Tour VirtualCAP and VirtualRoundUp flyer and VirtualCAP RoundUp flyer, presentation slides, and click here to access the recording.  For the recording, you will need to use the passcode: 0PHj=T1c

Resource Links

CAPLAW has created model policies, forms and agreements Community Action Agencies can access, including Conflict of Interest, Whistleblower and IT policies. Check them out here. 

Iowa Legal Aid:

Medicare Rights Center:

Poverty Simulation from Urban Ministries of Durham: Walk in someone else’s shoes and see if you can make it through the month.

Unemployment Benefits and Insurance:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI):