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Grant Writing Training Videos

Are you more of an auditory and visual learner? Check out some of these FREE video trainings

Learn Grant Writing

A variety of videos, including “Project Management for Grant Writers,” “How to Align Your Grant Writing & Fundraising Strategies,” and “Finding the Right Grants for You.” This last video actually walks through how to use Instrumentl’s search function while using a free trial.            


While you have to pay to search for grants using Instrumentl’s platform, they have a variety of FREE videos. Once you click on a video, be sure to scroll down to see the recorded video and access the slides.

 Nonprofit Ready

If you haven’t checked out Nonprofit Ready before, now is the time. They have a variety of FREE videos and resources related to nonprofit best practices. You will need to create an account to access the materials, but again, it is all free for users. Trainings range from comprehensive courses, such as Grant Writing Classes, to individual classes that you can search for by topic, such as these Grant Writing ones.

Campbell & Company Fundraising Communication Series
Campbell & Company partners with nonprofits to advance their fundraising missions. They do this in a variety of ways, including one-on-one consultation and various training programs. Campbell & Company offers a variety of free videos regarding crafting your Case for Support/messaging to potential donors.
We suggest checking out these four videos to start and exploring the other great resources as you can! 


Do you know of other grant writing tools and resources that would benefit the Community Action network? Have a particular resource or template you’re looking for?