LIHEAP: Worry Free

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LIHEAP: Worry Free

Don’t need money to enjoy life

“Hello my name is Diana. I used to be worried a lot and now I’m in a position where I am taking care of myself. I am living alone and I am on a fixed income, but I’m doing the best that I can with it.”

OperationThreshold_LIHEAP_Diana_Webster_6wdstoryBeing on a fixed income can be challenging with balancing bills. Sometimes a bill or two may have to be pushed aside to pay for a different bill.


“At one point my lights were off, I couldn’t pay my rent and I didn’t have transportation. And there’s a time that I didn’t have enough money for food. I put my mind on what I could do to get out of that situation and I did. I came up with a solution, and came back.”


Diana receives assistance from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps households with limited-income pay for their energy bills.


OperationThreshold_LIHEAP_Diana_Webster_Quote1“Because of LIHEAP I don’t worry so much at the end of the winter year on how I’m gonna pay this light bill.”

Despite living with a limited income Diana does not complain about her life.


“This is my life. So, I try to make the best out of everything. I enjoy my family. I enjoy my grand kids. I just try to go through the day and enjoy what I have and just make the best of it.”

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