LIHEAP: Fostering Nieces and Nephew

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LIHEAP: Fostering Nieces and Nephew

Single mom eight kids

Mary fosters her three nieces, and her nephew. Having four kids of her own she is now caring for eight kids. Eight kids on one income can be pretty challenging. With having to buy food and clothes for the growing kids it leads a gap in finances.

“It’s hard sometimes you gotta juggle which bill you’re going to pay and which bill to put off.”


Needing financial help, Mary turned to Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help her pay her heating bills.


Mary feels that the struggles will be worth it in the end. She believes she is making a difference in her children’s lives and in her nieces and nephews lives.

“material items aren’t always number one. There’s more important things in life.”

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