Embrace Iowa Helped My Family in 2015

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Embrace Iowa Helped My Family in 2015

Embrace Iowa Reaches Iowans Across the State

Amy is single mother with two teenage boys. Her oldest will be graduating high school in the coming school year. Amy currently resides in southwest Iowa and has been living there for several years. Amy has earned an associate’s degree, works full-time, and spends time volunteering when she can.


Transportation with a limited income

As a single parent, Amy has had difficulties saving money on her limited income. As a result, she had to look for assistance especially because the treading on her car tires was wearing down. She was able to get help from the Embrace Iowa Program in December of 2015. With that assistance Amy received two new tires for which she was very grateful. After receiving Embrace Iowa, Amy decided to give back by volunteering in her community. Whenever she isn’t working or volunteering she does her best to help her children.


Giving back to the community

It is Amy’s hope that through her story she will be able to spread awareness about what it is like to have a limited income. She wants people to know the worries and struggles that people encounter when they don’t have enough income. Amy hopes to find more volunteer opportunities because she describes these experiences as something that helps her feel better. She also wants to spread awareness about programs like Embrace Iowa that help people who need it.



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