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Real stories of generous donors and
success stories of recipients.



Resources for both CAA’s and Iowans

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LIHEAP: Own Business

Trying to Run Her Own Business When Dominique got sick she was unable to work for three months, resulting in her to lose her job. After losing her job Dominique decided that she wanted to try and open…

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LIHEAP: Unemployment Challenges

After Kathy lost her job her husband became the only financial support for their family. Kathy needed help so she turned to her local Community Action.   “LIHEAP helped pay the electric bill.”    The Low-Income Home Energy…

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LIHEAP Stories: Nancy, Diana, and Sandy

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LIHEAP: Fostering Nieces and Nephew

Single mom eight kids Mary fosters her three nieces, and her nephew. Having four kids of her own she is now caring for eight kids. Eight kids on one income can be pretty challenging. With having to buy…

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