2018 ICAA Conference Registration

2018 ICAA Conference Registration

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  • Session 1 Workshops - Tuesday, July 17 / 2:45-4:15PM

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    >SunShare - A Model for Equitable Solar Energy Development
    Community members from Bloomfield, Iowa will present a model for developing solar energy resources to benefit all members of the community. A focus will be on developing partnerships between municipal utilities and community action agencies to reach those who aren't served by most traditional models of solar development. Presented by: Chris Ball, City of Bloomfield
    >Key Elements of Promising Programs to Break the Cycle
    This workshop will build upon information shared in the keynote as it examines service delivery strategies that hold promise for improving the well being of poor families and children’s outcomes. Family engagement and retention, worker-family relationships, cross-cultural responsiveness and other components of promising strategies will be examined, as well as programs such as Early Head Start and Child First. Participants will be encouraged to discuss the programs and services they and their organizations deliver, in the context of serving the most hard-to-reach families. Presented by: Dr. Lenette Azzi-Lessing, Boston University
    >Meeting in the Middle - Adapting Your Style to Accommodate Others
    This workshop focuses on breaking out of your own comfort zone to be more effective and influential with individuals whose personal style is not the same as yours. Most training sessions on behavioral style stop at identifying and understanding the different styles. But when we stop there, we give ourselves permission to not get along or not work well together because we are “just so different.” The only value in learning about behavioral styles is to be able to adapt your approach, get out of your own comfort zone to accommodate the style of others and create a conversation that is most comfortable for THEM. After a quick review of behavioral styles, this workshop will identify how you can adapt your style to accommodate each of the other styles, then give people a chance to practice the approach with others in the workshop. Presented by: Carol Kristensen, Nationwide
    >New(ish) to Community Action
    This workshop will be an orientation to the Community Action Network, targeted towards folks who have been involved with Community Action for less than five years. Participants will learn about the history of Community Action, key programs, National Partners and Iowa’s local network. Participants will even play an exciting game of Community Action Acronym bingo so we don’t get lost in the alphabet forest of CAA lingo. Presented by: Ashley Tenney, Iowa Community Action Association
  • Session 2 Workshops - Wednesday, July 18th / 8:30-10:00AM

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    >Conversations No One Likes to Have-Addressing Mental Health Accommodations in the Workplace
    Mental health issues in the workplace can create complex concerns for both the employer and the employee. This workshop will address legal requirements such as the ADA, FMLA and Iowa Code 216 as well as pragmatic communication concerns. Participants will: 1) Discuss workplace policies and practices; 2) Explore the intersection of the ADA, FMLA, and Iowa Code 216; 3) Identify common problems; and 4) Assess effective strategies. Presented by: Jo Ellen Whitney, Davis Brown Law Firm
    >Raising the Low-Income Voice: Democratic Selection and Procedures
    Since the inception of the Economic Opportunity Act, a fundamental goal of Community Action has been to provide low-income individuals with a voice in the administration of its poverty alleviating programs. Yet many CAAs struggle with filling vacancies in the low-income sector of the tripartite boards, one of the principal hallmarks of the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Act's mandate to achieve "maximum participation" of the low-income community. In this workshop, we will discuss the board composition requirements of the CSBG Act, examine successful approaches developed by CAAs to meet the democratic selection requirements, and discuss ways to improve board member engagement and retention. Presented by: Allison Ma'luf, CAPLAW
    >Should I Stay or Should I Go? Personal Safety for Home Visitors
    Whether you are a family support worker, parent educator or weatherization technician, working with families in their homes can be very rewarding. But along the way there may be challenges. What do you do when someone in the home gets angry with you? What do you do if there are health or safety hazards in the home? What do you do if you there are weapons or drugs in the home? In this workshop we'll talk about these and other issues of personal safety and help you answer the question: Should I stay or should I go? Presented by: Helen Benker & Don Snider,Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc.
    >Political Process 101
    This workshop will be for individuals wanting a deeper knowledge base of the political process here in Iowa and Washington DC. The workshop will be an interactive experience where participants will learn about how an idea becomes a law, details of the election cycle and a long list of resources to use to stay informed about public policy. Presented by: Lana Shope, Iowa Community Action Association
  • Session 3 Workshops - Wednesday, July 18th / 10:15-11:45am

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    >A Focus on CAA Fundraising Efforts and the Legal Landscape
    Many Community Action Agencies are stepping up their fundraising efforts as a result of shrinking government budgets and growing client needs. In this workshop we will hear about the efforts by Iowa CAAs to increase their unrestricted funds with activities ranging from golf tournaments to business appeals to donor cultivation to online donations. We will also discuss the legal rules that apply to fundraising including federal grant rules, IRS requirements and applicable state laws that CAAs should be aware of as they develop and grow their fundraising programs. Presented by: Allison Ma'luf, CAPLAW, Arlene McAtee & Rob Stewart, Mid-Iowa Community Action Inc., Dick Sievers, Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc
    >Me Too to Oh No-Responding to Complaints and Concerns in the Workplace
    Sexual and other forms of harassment are a significant issue in the workplace which can take many forms. Concerns can occur from comments or a snapchat photo all the way to inappropriate physical contact. Every complaint starts somewhere – understandable policies, training and anti-retaliation efforts as well as early and effective investigation can all assist in limiting workplace problems. Participants in this workshop will : 1. Discuss effective workplace policies to address discrimination including reporting procedures; 2. Identify other forms of policies and training, such as professionalism training, that can assist in limiting issues; 3. Review investigative and report processes for complaints; 4. Identify issues that frequently occur such as the consensual defense or claims of free speech; 5. Discuss communications strategies for the person who has raised the issue, co-employees and outside clients; and 6. Review disciplinary and termination processes. Presented by: Jo Ellen Whitney, Davis Brown Law Firm
    >Visual Identity and Other CRAP: Setting Your Organization Apart from the Crowd
    Does your print, online, or social media presence reflect the incredible multi-million dollar organization you are? Strong branding, visual identity, and eye-catching materials can set your nonprofit apart from other organizations. Come learn a bit about the what and wherefore of visual identity and basic design principles to help your agency shine. Presented by: Brian Dunn & Natalie Aeschliman, Sieda Community Action
    >Radon and Weatherization
    Radon is a gas that comes primarily from the soil that is linked to lung cancer. Radon has been a hot topic in weatherization over the last several years due to concerns that air tightening of homes may increase indoor levels. These concerns have resulted in a series of research projects over the last 8 years focused on the impacts of weatherization on radon, and the effectiveness of precautionary measures at limiting any increases. One of these studies is currently underway and includes participation by three CAAs in Iowa. This workshop will present an overview of radon in homes, what the research says, and discussed implications for weatherization going forward. Eligible for 1.5 BPI CEU. Presented by: Paul Francisco, Indoor Climate Research & Training, UIUC
  • Session 4 Workshops - Wednesday, July 18th / 1:30-3:00PM

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    >How to update your fundraising methods: Ideas, trends and methods to help you get the most out of your fundraising budget
    "Fundraising is changing rapidly in today’s dynamic environment. The impact of the new U.S. tax law on giving patterns is still unknown. Meanwhile, traditional fundraising methods such as charity walks and galas seem to be losing effectiveness; and nonprofits are discovering that the new generation of donors has different goals and expectations than did preceding generations. The one constant nonprofits face is that fundraising budgets are not unlimited. How can nonprofits best use limited resources to improve fundraising results? In this interactive workshop, you will learn about fundraising innovations adaptable for use in any nonprofit. Topics to be discussed include social donors and team giving; crowdfunding and its offshoots; decentralized peer-to-peer fundraising; interactive game-based fundraising; giving through purchasing on sites like Amazon Smile; and use of research-based methods such as anchoring and the “Two-Step Ask.” The workshop includes several case studies illustrating these innovative fundraising methods. Presented by: Jaclyn J. Rundle, Ph.D., Central College
    >Working with Interpreters
    Myths and facts about how to work with Limited English Proficiency clients and interpreters. Presented by: Priscila Palomino Piper, Des Moines Area Community College
    >A Triple Win, Empowering Customers, Expanding CAA Capacity, Building Community, Part 1
    Details Coming Soon. Presented by: Jeannie Chaffin, Consultant
    >ASHRAE 62.2 Compliance - Solutions
    ASHRAE Standard 62.2 has been the law of the land for six years in WAP. It is common that compliance is achieved through the use of exhaust fans, often in bathrooms. However, there are situations when exhaust fans may not be the best choice. This workshop reviews different solutions for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2, including exhaust, supply, and balanced ventilation. It also includes solutions for controls that encourages appropriate use of ventilation by residents, as well as discussing opportunities that exist in some homes for low-cost compliance. Eligible for 1.5 BPI CEU. Presented by: Paul Francisco, Indoor Climate Research & Training, UIUC
  • Session 5 Workshops - Wednesday, July 18th / 3:15 - 4:45PM

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    >A Triple Win, Empowering Customers, Expanding CAA Capacity, Building Community, Part 2
    Details Coming Soon. Presented by: Jeannie Chaffin, Consultant
    >Finance for Non-Finance Community Action Employees
    Do your eyes glaze over when you receive the monthly budget report for your program? Have you ever wanted to read the audit report and understand what those hieroglyphics mean? When you talk to someone in the accounting office do you wonder if they are speaking English or Klingon? If you answered yes to any of these questions you will want to attend this session. Learn the basic non-profit financial vocabulary. Learn the non-profit accounting fundamentals. Understand the basics of financial statements and how to interpret and evaluate them. This workshop will give attendees tools, resources, and a core understanding of good financial management. This workshop covers basic concepts and provides tips on better understanding the world of the illusive fiscalian. Presented by: Michael Adams, State of Iowa - Dept. of Human Rights
    >Opioids 101 and other Drugs: Recognizing and Responding for the Best Outcomes
    Learn the signs and symptoms of Opioid Use as well as many other mind altering drugs. Learn of referral sources and the best ways to help families who are going though these addictions. Presented by: Chad Jensen, New Opportunities, Inc. and Monica Wilke-Brown, Iowa Department of Public Health
    >The Latest in Combustion Safety
    Combustion safety testing has undergone a major overhaul in the last several years. BPI, NFPA, and ACCA have all changed their procedures and have come into substantial alignment. This has also resulted in changes to the SWS. This workshop will review the different protocols, discuss why these changes have occurred, and explore the implications for the weatherization industry. Eligible for 1.5 BPI CEU. Presented by: Paul Francisco Indoor Climate Research & Training, UIUC
  • Networking Event - Wednesday, July 18 5:00-6:30PM

  • Session 6 Workshops - Thursday, July 19th / 8:30-10:00AM

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    >Volunteer Engagement
    "There are volunteers who are interested, skilled, experienced and willing to help. Review the foundation of your volunteer program. Develop creative volunteer opportunities to further your organization's mission. Explore a variety of methods to engage volunteers. Create a marketing plan to build the bridge between potential volunteers and your organization." Presented by: Nancy Shafer, Volunteer Management Encouragement
    >Introduction to Conscious Discipline
    The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model becomes a framework for us to understand the internal brain-body states that are most likely to produce certain behaviors in children and ourselves. With this awareness, we learn to consciously manage our own thoughts and emotions so we can help children learn to do the same. The goal of this model is not to turn into neuroscientists, but to provide a simplified brain model as a means for increasing our self-awareness, so we can respond consciously to the needs of the moment. Presented by: Laura Abbe & Donna Miller, Mid-Iowa Community Action, Inc.
    >Strategies for Influencing Change
    In this workshop, we will explore how to build strong relationships with people of influence who have the potential to unlock funding or guide policy if they were to better understand the Community Action network, your CAA, and the people with whom you work. We will discuss how board members, staff, clients and volunteers can all contribute to your organization’s ability to influence change at the local, state and federal levels. We will also discuss particularly effective techniques and approaches used by CAAs and Community Action Network partners to stimulate change and render results. After participating in this workshop you will be able to: · Explain to your organization’s staff, board members, clients and volunteers the role they play in your organization’s relationship-building efforts · Develop and implement a strategy for your organization to build and nurture relationships with key, external stakeholders · Communicate more effectively to key, external stakeholders the importance of your organization to the community and the support your organization needs. Presented by: Lana Shope, Iowa Community Action Association
    >Community Level Work: United for Success
    The CSBG Act states Community Action Agencies have a responsibility ”to make the entire community more responsive to the needs and interests of the poor by mobilizing resources and bringing about greater institutional sensitivity”. Join us to learn about the role Community Action plays in making an impact at the community level. We'll define characteristics of community level work; discuss steps in creating a community level project and measuring impact; and participants will learn about community initiatives taking place by Community Action in Iowa. Presented by: Tiffany Keimig, Iowa Community Action Association
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