State Legislative Agenda

State Legislative Agenda

2016 Legislative Agenda

The 2016 State Legislative Agenda is used by ICAA to guide our advocacy efforts during session. Local agencies may choose to incorporate any of these action items into their legislative education and advocacy efforts.


Increase funding for Early Head Start Programs

$400,000 increase

  • Use 5% of funds for grant oversight and management
  • Would provide funds for four new programs

Expand Family Development and Self-Sufficiency Program (FaDSS)

$1 million increase

  • FaDSS helps families increase income and get off FIP
  • Currently serves 10% of FIP caseload – network has capacity to serve more

FY 2015 Outcomes

  • Served 3,311 families in Iowa – including 5,820 children
  • Average monthly FIP payment decreased from $378.96 to $113.97
  • Average monthly earned income from wages increased 330% (from $110 to $447)

Provide funding for Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s)

$500,000 allocation

  • Incentive to low-wage working Iowans to develop a habit of savings and acquire a long-term asset
  • Participants qualify for up to $2,000 in state matched funds to pay for assets
Homes: 159 total with 100 using state funds Small Business: 57 total with 17 using state funds
Education: 120 total with 54 using state funds Assistive Technology: 5 total with 4 using state funds
Vehicle: 76 total with 46 using state funds Disaster Recovery: 5 total with 5 using state funds


Types of Assets Purchased Through IDA Program

(Through Sept. 30, 2015)

Address Affordability of Broadband Technology

Support collaborations with broadband providers

  • Access and affordability to digital citizenship is necessary for full participation in economic life
  • 51% of households with a low income have access to broadband services, compared to the state average of 76%
  • More than half of the 24% of Iowans without internet access identify high costs as the main barrie

Support an Increase in Funding for Early Childhood Support Services

Increase funding

  • Head Start programs are enhanced by Shared Visions Funding & Wrap Around Childcare Funds
  • Increase eligibility for child care assistance o improve access for working families
  • Increase reimbursement rates for child care providers to ensure quality experience



Exempt Community Action Agencies from Vehicle Title Fees/Taxes

Change legislation

  • Reduce employment barriers for people with a low-income by supporting access to transportation
  • Amend Chapter 322.3 to allow Community Action Agencies to be exempt from title fees and taxes when a donated vehicle is given to Iowans with a low income

Improve and Advance the Infrastructure of Agencies

$1.7 million investment

  • 17 agencies employ more than 2,900 staff who deliver a variety of services to 324,000 individuals striving to improve their lives and achieve economic security
  • One-time dedicate funding for infrastructure advancement strengthens individuals, agencies, and communities



Provide Funding for Case Management Services After a Disaster

Support legislation

  • Establish statewide system of disaster case management to be activated following proclamation of disaster emergency

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